Keep me where the light is †
Jessica, Michigan, Chaldean, 17.
There’s no freedom like the freedom that comes from accepting yourself.

-Camila Cabello (via kushandwizdom)

every time you
tell your daughter
you yell at her
out of love
you teach her to confuse
anger with kindness
which seems like a good idea
till she grows up to
trust men who hurt her
cause they look so much
like you.

-to fathers with daughters - rupi kaur (via rupikaur)


Just spent the last 3 days in this enchanting location.
and God said
‘love your enemy’,
and I obeyed him
and loved myself.


خليل جبران ‎

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I am not comfortable
in my own skin;
But I am trying
to be. Damn it,
I am trying to be.

-(via c0ntemplations)

If the ocean can calm itself, so can you. We are both salt water mixed with air.

-Nayyirah Waheed (via simplelittlebookworm)


finally a career for me



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